Becoming an assassin is pretty much difficult. If one of the following attributes do not apply to you, then you are out of luck on becoming an assassin:

  1. You have a family or a person that you care about. This will make it easier for the families of those you kill take revenge. This can be solved by changing your identity and fake your death. We offer such service for $50,000 (trust us when we say this, but you are going make way much more in one month).
  2. You are disabled or extremely mentally retarded. However, such assassins are always perfect for a one time kill. We offer a pre-pay service in which we will pay you before the job (since you will probably end up in jail trying to escape in your wheelchair). Payment depends on the job. Run-away's, well let's just say they will be swimming with the fishes, deep under the hudson river.
  3. You are unhealthy, obese, or slow. These aspects are important and can get you killed on your first job.
  4. You have no experience doing martial arts of any sorts. Close combat sometimes occur, and unless you have the skills, you will probably end up a veggie. or dead.
  5. You have no knowledge in computer system administration or bypassing of security protocols. As this might not seem the case, 85% of our cases involves hijacking computer and security systems and stealing important and confidential stored data.
  6. You have no patience or can not get yourself out of trouble with one sentence. Sometimes, close combat isn't an option (suicide), so you must be able to talk your way out of being caught.

Now that you have an idea of what skill set you need to become an assassin, we can proceed to skill set that are preferred to have:

  1. You look good. An ugly person will have a hard time of getting a job done, looking good always helps no matter what the job us. Appealing to the opposite sex is a plus when considering a job.
  2. You speak the language of the country you are operating in fluently. This will help you gain more trust.
  3. You have connections. Connections are the most important part, let it be with fellow assassins or government officials who can bail you out in times of trouble. As this might not be true in some countries, it still plays a role in most second and third world countries including many europeans union countries and some US states.
  4. You have knowledge in crime scene investigation and evidence collection. The best way not to leave your tracks behind is knowing how those who collect it operate.
  5. You are not a drinker or drug user. Although movies tend to show assassins and spies as such, doing your job while intoxicated will eventually lead to your arrest and failing the job. Even when not doing a job, you need to stay alert and open to all possibilities at all times.

Now that you have some knowledge on how to become an assassin, you can apply to our training program. Basically our program is free of charge to enter, but entitles us to 5 years of service contract (with 10% tuition surcharge), to which you will be paid for. Working with another organization at such time, will get you blacklisted in the assassin and spy networks all over the world.

When joining our academy, you will be taught many things including advanced weaponry training, close combat and martial arts, foreign languages, history, and most of all how to build your connection network.

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